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Home Fitness Equipment

SA Trampoline is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality trampolines and trampoline parts as home fitness equipment for use in performing trampoline exercise in South Africa. Exercising on a trampoline results in a larger control of weight and can be used as home fitness equipment or as gym fitness equipment. The exercise done on a trampoline as home fitness equipment promotes weight loss.

Not only does trampoline exercise induce a method for weight loss but exercise also aids in the rehabilitation of injuries acquired by sportsmen and women.

Advantages of exercising with a home fitness equipment:

  • Fun & easy to use
  • Improves endurance and overall fitness.
  • Low impact whilst strengthening muscles and bones
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Increases metabolism and hence daily energy levels
  • It also lowers cholesterol levels, reduces stress, tension

Jumping on this home fitness equipment is one of the best exercising methods available today. Although extremely primitive, ensures a larger amount of calories burnt in the same time space as a jog.

Trampoline exercise is not only beneficial to the fitness of one's body but also to the need of recreation as use ashome fitness equipment or as gym fitness equipment.



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