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SA Trampoline has a modern factory of more than 500 square meters. This building was planned by a mechanical technician and has been fine tuned over the last couple of years.

Our high tech factory delivers a holistic solution in that raw materials are received at the one entrance and completed trampoline parts are delivered at the other. Only the best raw materials are used in our manufacturing processes of ourtrampoline parts and, as expected, all machines are up to date with full service plans.

The real strength of SA Trampoline is our staff. Our highly trained personnel have been with our company for up to 12 years and are extremely competent in what they do. With positive work ethic, good camaraderie and a relaxed atmosphere our staff enjoy what they do and therefore excel in their work.

Horses, geese, guinea fowl and springbuck graze outside our office windows, adding to the charm of being part of SA Trampoline.

You can view and test our complete range of trampolines and trampoline parts at our exhibition arena.

Trampoline factory Trampoline Factory
Trampoline factory Trampoline factory
Trampoline catory Trampoline Factory
Trampoline Factory Trampolinr factory
Trampoline Factory Trampoline Factory
Trampoline Factory Trampoline Factory
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